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Your Brand's New Best Friend.

We begin with a video chat to tailor our AI perfectly to your brand’s voice and needs. Once set up, Cornrstone effortlessly reflects your brand essence in every word.

Minimal Input, Maximum Output.

With just a few words, you can instantly create professional content that fits your brand, with no technical skills needed. Cornrstone is content creation made simple.

Reclaim your creative control.

Elevate to content expert status effortlessly

Say hello to your new personalised content creation companion. By seamlessly blending the human touch with cutting-edge AI, Cornrstone doesn’t just write for you, it becomes an extension of your brand, intuitively crafting content that resonates with your audience and drives results.

Facing content creation hurdles?

Are you struggling with writer's block?

Bid farewell to writer’s block. Cornrstone taps into your brand’s essence, delivering done-for-you content that sparks creativity & connection.

Is your content not converting into sales?

Transform browsers into buyers. Cornrstone tailors content that speaks to hearts, elevating engagement and conversions with every word.

Is writing content too time-consuming?

Reclaim your time. Cornrstone’s swift, smart suite of content generation tools empower you to create more, stress less, and accelerate your growth.

Build your content foundation with Cornrstone

Explore our AI Suite

Discover Cornrstone’s suite: from sharp social media captions to detailed blog posts and enticing product descriptions. Our platform delivers targeted, high-quality content that resonates with audiences and drives results. Simplify your content strategy with our efficient, versatile tools, built for businesses aiming to stand out. 

Social Media Caption

Ensure your brand’s voice shines in every post, engaging your audience with captivating captions that drive interaction.

Blog to Caption

Convert long-form blogs into engaging captions that distill key points and captivate your audience, perfect for sharing on social media.

Hashtag Generator

Discover the most relevant and trending hashtags to increase the visibility and engagement of your social media posts.

Case Study

Showcase your success stories with case studies that highlight your achievements and the tangible benefits you deliver to customers.

Event Description

Bring your events to life with vivid descriptions that capture the excitement, drawing attendees in with a compelling narrative of what to expect.

Review Response

Turn feedback into opportunity with thoughtful review responses that show you listen, care, and value each customer’s experience.

Product Description

Transform browsers into buyers with persuasive product descriptions that detail the benefits clearly and compellingly.

Service Description

Stand out with service descriptions that articulate the unique value you offer, attracting your ideal clients effortlessly and efficiently.

Cold Email

Break the ice with cold emails that open doors, crafting personalised messages that capture attention and spark meaningful conversations.

Press Release

Grab the spotlight with press releases that highlight your milestones and intrigue media, ensuring your news is heard.

Blog Post

Elevate your blog’s impact, delivering insightful articles that keep readers returning and enhance your online presence.

Landing Page Copy

Create compelling landing page copy that grabs attention, clearly conveys your message, and drives conversions with ease.

Content, made easy.

Experience the game-changing impact of Cornrstone on Blog Writing, Product Descriptions, and beyond, enhancing your content and captivating your audience.

On the blog

If you're new to using AI for content marketing, this guide will help you understand the basics and get started.
We demystify the process of crafting press releases for small businesses, written with clear, concise answers to the most frequently asked questions.
With over 700 million users worldwide, LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity to establish your professional brand, expand your network, and engage with industry leaders.
Your brand's voice isn't merely the words you use; it's the personality that shines through your content, the emotions it evokes, and the connection it builds with your audience.
The true essence of success lies not only in creation but also in measurement to accurately assess the effectiveness of your efforts and ensure you're on the right track.
Among the wide range of strategies to enhance your marketing efforts, user-generated content (UGC) is a truly powerful tool to meet your audience's demand for engaging content.

Real stories, real success

"I was hesitant to dive into the world of AI for my marketing needs, but Cornrstone changed everything. The personal consultation really put me at ease, and now, I can't imagine running my business without it. The AI truly understands our brand voice, and it's like having a dedicated team member crafting our content. Highly recommend!"

Samantha R.

Co-Founder of Blossom Boutique

"As a small business owner spinning many plates, I was struggling to find the time to write engaging content for my website. Cornrstone not only saved me hours of effort but also delivered content that truly reflected the essence of my brand. The consultation session was invaluable in ensuring that the AI understood my business, and the results speak for themselves."

David M.

Owner of Peak Performance Fitness

"Working with Cornrstone has been a breath of fresh air. I was struggling to keep up with writing blog posts and marketing emails while managing my B&B. The consultation session was fantastic; they asked all the right questions to get to know my business inside and out. Couldn't be happier with the results!"

Michael R.

Owner of Rustic Retreats B&B

"I was hesitant about diving into AI for my business's content needs, but Cornrstone changed everything. The personalised consultation really put me at ease, and now I feel like I have my own personal writing assistant. It's like they understand my bakery as well as I do! Plus, the time and effort it saves me is invaluable. Highly recommend!"

Emily L.

Blissful Bakery

"I've tried other AI tools before, but they always felt robotic and disconnected from my brand. Cornrstone, however, is a game-changer. The consultation process was thorough, and it's evident that they truly understand my fashion brand's voice and style. Now, I can trust Cornrstone to deliver engaging content that resonates with my audience. Thank you for making content creation effortless and effective!"

Divya M.

Owner of Luna Luxe Fashion

"I've worked with copywriters in the past, but the cost was becoming unsustainable for my startup. Cornrstone provided the perfect solution. Their personalised approach, combined with the efficiency of AI, is a game-changer. The content they produce feels authentic and aligned with my brand, and I no longer have to worry about breaking the bank. Thank you, Cornrstone!"

Daniel S.

Founder of Summit Solutions

"Trying to find the right words for our social media captions was a constant headache. We tried various AI tools, but they always missed the mark on authenticity, or we spent too long trying to write the perfect prompt. Then we found Cornrstone! Thanks to Cornrstone, we're finally able to connect with our audience in a meaningful way without the stress.

Jackie W.

Savoury Bites Catering

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